This week’s special focus: Chair Yoga!

All of us can identify with our office chair, your best friend and often times your worst enemy! Prolonged sitting is frequently the cause of slipped discs, neck and shoulder aches, and tight hips.

In this class, we will learn how to use the chair for self-therapy and reverse all the damage that our body accumulates from prolonged sitting.

Simple but effective techniques that everyone can perform, as well as simple breathing and calmness techniques to deal with stress at work and help focus your mind.

Learn how to make the chair your friend!

About Adrian Loh:

Adrian has been a practising yoga for over a decade, and is a Certified Yoga Alliance Teacher (USA) and Certified Yoga Sports Coach (accredited by the Ministry of Sports and National Coaching Council). He specialises in Therapy and Corporate Yoga, and is obsessed with bringing yoga to the masses, adapting the ancient lore into a modern therapy-based practice that is easily accessible by anyone; young or old.

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